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BMAC - Marrow Cellution

Bone Marrow contains Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cells such as, Mesenchymal and Hematopoetic stem cells. This technology allows you to combine the power of the body’s own mechanisms with advancements in tissue repair


DBM is used in a broad array of clinical applications. Indications include filling cavitary defects caused by tumors, cysts or revision arthroplasty, fracture repair and fusion procedures in spinal surgery, cervical, foot, ankle, hand and wrist.

We offer many types of bone biologics in varying quantities. Please see the list below to review.

Part # Name Part # Name Part # Name Part # Name Part # Name
 B20-1001P  DBM Putty, 1cc  B60-5715  Cancellous Crushed, 15cc (4-10m)  B21-1010C  DBM Crush Mix, 1cc  SB804-4  DBM Strips, 26x19x7mm 1pk  B65-6705  Crushed Granules, 5cc (1-4mm)
 B20-1002P  DBM Putty, 2.5cc  B60-5730  Cancellous Crushed, 30cc (4-10m)  B21-1002C  DBM Crush Mix, 2.5cc  SB804-5  DBM Strips, 26x19x7mm 2pk  B65-6710  Crushed Granules, 10cc (1-4mm)
 B20-1005P  DBM Putty, 5cc  B60-5760  Cancellous Crushed, 60cc (4-10m)  B21-2005C  DBM Crush Mix, 5cc  SB804-6  DBM Strips, 26x19x7mm 4pk  B65-6715  Crushed Granules, 15cc (1-4mm)
 B20-1010P  DBM Putty, 10cc  B19-0005  DBM Powder, 5cc  B21-2010C  DBM Crush Mix, 10cc        


Tissue and Storage use:
Optimal storage conditions (59-86°F or 15-30°C) in a secure and dry environment.
No refrigeration necessary.
Do Not Freeze or Expose to heat above 500C (1220 F).



Contact us directly for additional bone product offerings.

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