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Many individuals have found that traditional medical options available through most facilities are not enough to help with situations such as pain management and the treatment of various ailments. In those cases, an individual who is not responding to traditional treatments may need to look for an alternative treatment that is both safe and effective.

Pharmacy aboutAt SLR Medical Consulting, we offer those specialty services and products for your medical practice. Not only can those products and services help to improve patient care in many cases, they can also provide enhancements to your operational procedures that may benefit both your organization and the people that you treat. We offer a number of specialty options, including the following that you may want to consider for use in your own medical practice.

Pharmacy - We are committed to bringing customized formulations to help treat the specific symptoms of each individual patient. An example of this are the analgesic compounds that we offer as an alternative to traditional pain management pharmaceuticals. Not only are these compounds safe, they are effective and can often be used without the unnecessary side effects that are found through traditional pain management pharmaceutical treatments.

When custom alternative medications are used, both the physician and the patient can benefit. They benefit because a more positive therapeutic outcome can be achieved, not only for common pain management needs but across a broad spectrum of specialties.

It is important to recognize that the options for alternative products continues to grow and change. SLR Medical Consulting is committed to keeping up with those changes and providing any new and innovative compounds, creams, gels or patches that would be of benefit as they become available.

spine imageBiologics - we can also provide you with the groundbreaking regenerative cell therapies and osteobiologic solutions that are necessary for your practice. These can form the basis for treating patients in a wide variety of surgical procedures and for alternative pain management solutions.

We have a firm belief in the benefits of regenerative medicine. This type of medicine does not use harmful chemicals but rather, uses the cells of the body, which have the ability to self renew. Those cells can also transform into other types of cells which makes it possible to stimulate healing within the body, including the muscles, ligaments, tendons, bone and cartilage.

SLR Medical Consulting offers bone and soft tissue allografts along with amniotic tissue injections, next-generation wound coverings and adhesion barriers. These have the benefit of using the body's own natural healing ability to enhance the healing process.

In addition to the above, we offer minimally invasive technologies for stem cell therapy. This also focuses on the regenerative cells of the body to improve the outcome of surgical procedures and to accelerate the healing process. It is through regenerative medicine that we create new solutions to transform surgical procedures and medicine itself.

Spine and orthopedic implants (Hardware) - SLR Medical Consulting has partnered with a variety of industry leading manufactures. Please visit the hardware page for more information.

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About SLR

SLR Medical Consulting is a medical consulting and distribution company, committed to delivering superior products to medical facilities. This is done to improve both patient care and to provide operational enhancements for your healthcare practice. We would be happy to discuss any product or distribution opportunities with you directly.